Learning the Importance of Bird Proofing Your Solar Panels

Pigeons and other pest birds find rooftop solar panels to be the perfect place to nest and roost. The panels offer protection from the blazing sun, safety from predators, and a convenient entry and exit point for birds. Particularly if they had nested under solar panels the previous season, birds can be very persistent. Getting rid of nests and droppings can be difficult because most solar panels are typically only 8?? from the roof deck. How does pigeon proofing work?
Solar panels are an expensive long-term investment, so you need to make sure you’re using them to their best capacity and keeping them in good condition. Installing a barrier around the edge of your solar panels will keep pigeons from getting underneath them. This practice is known as “bird proofing” or “pigeon proofing.” The pigeons will be compelled to look elsewhere because they won’t be able to enter a secure home below your solar panels. The best and most permanent option is to bird proof your solar panels. There are various reasons why bird proofing is important. And some of these reasons are discussed below.

Bird proofing helps boost the performance of your solar panels. The most frequent enemy of solar panel efficiency is shade, but there are other adversaries as well. You can lose a lot of the potential solar power due to shading, which is brought on by a shadow being cast on your solar panels. Shading can reduce efficiency by up to 40%. Bird nesting increases the amount of guano around your solar panels, which can have the same impact on them as shade. Your solar panels’ efficiency is reduced when they are covered in a lot of guano because the sunlight cannot reach the solar cells. You can improve the effectiveness of your solar panels and make the most of your investment by putting solar panel protection measures in place like netting and spike systems.

The pigeon droppings are corrosive. Pigeon droppings are, of course, present wherever pigeons are. This is particularly true when the young have hatched and have begun to stray from the nest. There will be a lot of waste up there if you have four or five pigeons living on your roof.
Pigeon droppings are an issue since they are more acidic than other bird droppings. As they accumulate, they may begin to erode the parts that keep the solar panel hardware in good working order. It is difficult to regularly clear away the droppings because the area between your solar panels and roof is so small.

Using a wire mesh is one of the most effective ways to begin pigeon-proofing solar panels. This wraps around the outside of your panels, extending a few inches above and below them over the roof tiles. This ought to be sufficient to prevent any organisms from entering under your solar panels and establishing a new home for themselves. It should also imply that getting to the top of the panel is much trickier. Pigeons and other animals will leave your roof once they realize there is nothing to nest there, leaving the area safe and secure. In order to reduce the likelihood of pigeon poop from people flying above, it also means they shouldn’t come back.

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