ENHYPEN Take Us Backstage at “Manifesto” World Tour in New York Metropolis

ENHYPEN Take Us Backstage at “Manifesto” World Tour in New York Metropolis

The group’s efficiency outfits convey all of the glitz and glamor, however they aren’t the kind of garments the artists usually put on. “Stage costumes want to face out and be eye-catching,” Heeseung says. “However I want a pure model. [So] I attempt to elevate my look by reusing totally different objects.” Heeseung must get one factor straight, although. “I believe I’ve a vogue sense,” he admits with a sheepish smile. “I can not buy groceries each day. I’m going one time, and I’ve to take some breaks.” It’s why he typically wears the identical garments. However the repetition doesn’t imply an absence of favor acumen. “Please don’t misunderstand as a result of I do have a vogue sense,” Heesung elaborates. “He wished to get that out,” Jake laughs. A grinning Sunoo nods with an “ah” as if totally satisfied by Heeseung’s elaborate spiel.

Ni-ki, however, describes his personal model extra concisely. “I put on what I would like. I consider seasonal adjustments. In the summertime, once I buy groceries, I have a tendency to purchase my T-shirts. And for winter, I purchase coats.”

Together with seasonal adjustments, ENHYPEN is aware of shifts in local weather, particularly when they’re touring. Specifically, the humidity impacts their skincare routines. “In the course of the tour, in Korea and the USA, the water part is totally different,” Jungwon says. “I drink as a lot water as doable as a result of it is form of dry right here.” The climate took him a while to get used to. “That is why I cleanse my face totally,” Jungwon shares. “I used to do it as soon as, however I did it twice right here.”

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