Billie Eilish Recycled Her Wardrobe For the Environmental Media Affiliation Awards

Billie Eilish Recycled Her Wardrobe For the Environmental Media Affiliation Awards

Final night time’s Environmental Media Affiliation Awards (EMAs) in Los Angeles, celebrated those that have made an influence in combatting local weather change and brought constructive steps in the direction of sustaining our planet. One such honoree was Billie Eilish and her mom, Maggie Baird: Through the singer’s Happier Than Ever tour, they launched “Overheated,” a climate-focused convention that featured keynote audio system, documentary screenings, and even clothes swaps. The pair had been honored for this initiative, and Eilish’s search for the purple carpet occasion saved according to the night time’s themes of sustainability.

Followers of Eilish know that she’s been virtually completely sporting Gucci on the purple carpet for the previous few years (she serves as a muse to Alessandro Michele), and the star rewore a customized Gucci look that she beforehand wore again in 2020. The inexperienced, silky brocade trousers and high—with a necktie element—was initially worn to the Billboard Awards that 12 months. It felt simply as recent in 2022—this time worn with out the matching bucket hat, and with piles of gold necklaces as an alternative.

Billie Eilish in Gucci on the 2020 Billboard Awards Picture: Getty Photos

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